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Vokis for Dr. Seuss!

2 Mar

Note: This is the first entry by guest blogger, Samantha Lewis, first grade teacher and creative educational technology user. Lewis will be featured at ISTE 2011, sharing about Announcements to the Big Screen on Small Budgets.

Today each first grader in my classroom made a Voki and it was so much fun! On www.voki.com you can create a character and personalize it to fit whatever it is you are trying to present. Then, you can type or record your own voice for 60 seconds and the Voki character’s mouth will move with your voice. This is a great way to share information in an interesting way.

In honor of Dr. Seuss’s birthday, we decided to write rhyming poems and record them for our Voki character to present to the class. My students worked so hard on their poems in order to record them on the computer. Once everyone completed their Voki, we all sat down to hear everyone’s poems from their funny characters. They were so proud of their work! It was GREAT!

Here are a couple examples of their work: