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NAESP 2011 – Thoughts and Faves from Day 1

9 Apr

Sir Ken Robinson and Nancye Blair at NAESP 2011Today was the first of three days I will be spending at the National Association of Elementary School Principals Annual Convention. It was eye-opening. Surrounded by thousands of educational leaders ready to grow and brave bringing ideas of change and innovation back to their schools, I was inspired by the clear messages of reform potential in the sessions I attended and the conversations I had with principals from across the country. Here were some of my favorite comments, quotes, and moments of the day:

General Session with Sir Ken Robinson:
“The only things necessary for education are the learner and the teacher. You could take away everything else.”
“All high performing education systems have 1 thing in common – highly respected teaching status.”
Finland with no drop-out rate, in response to hearing of the US 30% drop-out rate, replies, “Why wold you drop out?”
“Each of us is a unique moment in history.”
“Anyone who credits their organization had a teacher who looked into their eyes to see who they were.”
When speaking about ed reform – “Children can’t put their lives on hold while other people figure it out.”
“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” – Anias Nin
……..I could probably continue this list all day….
More about this session at: Education Needs Different Principles—Not Different Principals http://tinyurl.com/3myogu2 via @NAESP
or stay inspired by following @SirKenRobinson on Twitter.

Robert Marzano Session – Formative Assessment & Standards-Based Assessment
This session was informative and moving. Impossible to leave unchanged!
These quotes do not do the whole session justice, and yet they were some of my favorite uses of words today.
“You can never rely on a single assessment.”
“We must avoid labeling students with a number.” (ex: Little Bobby is an 80 student.)
“This is not the extreme, because it is the logical conclusion.”
“You can never rely on a single assessment.”
“…let me paraphrase, but not exaggerate…” <<– I hope he doesn’t mind if I adopt this phrase!
“If I sounds passionate about it, I am.”
“You can never rely on a single assessment.”
You can find out more about Robert Marzano at MarzanoResearch.com
or follow him on Twitter @robertjmarzano or @marzanoresearch.

Another moment of note:
A Washington DC ed leader in learning about the success of Charter Schools in Polk County: “Why aren’t people talking about this?! My wife works in Florida and doesn’t even know about this. Why isn’t this being published everywhere? People need to hear about these things.” <<— Good question. Perhaps we need to speak up!!

Looking forward to another inspiring day tomorrow… and then sharing in my own session about Transforming Technology Curriculum for 21st Century Learners on Sunday. Keep looking for posts and updates on here and on twitter @engagingedu or #NAESP11. Going to be a great weekend!