Interactive SCDM Portal: Web 2.0 Apps

Web 2.0 Media Apps
Voki – Animated, Speaking Avatars
Xtranormal – Animated Digital Storytelling/Movie Making
VoiceThread -Dynamic Multimedia and Collaboration Tool
Kerpoof – Various Apps – Animated “Movies,” Digital Storybooks

Animoto – Photo/Video Editing App

Prezi – Non-Linear Presentation App
E2BN Learning Apps

Toy Theater – Several Art, Media, and Music Digital Toys – graphic/poster style blogs
Wordle – Word Cloud Art
Tagxedo – Shaped Word Cloud Art

Web 2.0 Digital Storytelling Apps – Click here for more!

Web 2.0 Collaboration Apps – – Art, writing, brainstorming, critical thinking/problem solving – Art, writing, planning, research, brainstorming, critical thinking/problem solving – Collaborative Word Processing – Writing with beautiful provided illustrations – Collaborative Work Spaces/Websites

UP AND COMING – So new, I don’t even have any samples, but the promised functionality of this program makes it something we should definitely be checking out!

Looking for more?  I love the wiki, ICT Magic, which will lead you to a lifetime of Web 2.0 tools to try!

Movie Projects

Audio & Podcasting

Digital Storytelling

3D Media

Web 2.0 Apps


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