Interactive SCDM Portal: Digital Storytelling

“Digital Writing matters because it is always one click from being global.”
– Rob Jacobs, Education Innovation Blog

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A Few Ways to Get Started:

Web 2.0 Tools for Digital Storytelling
Animated PowerPoints for Digital Storytelling
Choose Your Own Adventure Stories with Hyperlinked PowerPoints

Options for Student Publishing: – This Web 2.0 tool allows students to create a free online book, print them out or purchase hardbound copies. – This is a kid friendly site that is easy to use for importing words/illustrations or creating them on their website. Students/classes receive free copies as part of their program! You can purchase hardcover copies as well. – This affiliated site allows for publishing of both books and ebooks. -eBook publishing – Order reasonably priced soft or hard bound printed books, minimum of ten copies.

Other Digital Storytelling Resources: 

StoryKeepers’ iPAD Storytelling Apps Wikipage


Movie Projects

Audio & Podcasting

Digital Storytelling

3D Media

Web 2.0 Apps


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