Interactive SCDM Portal: Audio & Podcasting

Audio Recording – for music creation, voice recording or podcasting –
can be a powerful tool in the classroom.

Try these kid-friendly tools:
Web 2.0 tool allows students to easily record and share a sound clip.

This free download is simple enough for an elementary student to use, but has more robust features for those who want to use them.

Mac’s Garageband
Garageband is a great resource for student created musical compositions, as well as podcasting (more info about podcasting to follow).

Video Tutorials can be found on the Apple Website at

Alternative to Garageband:
Aviary ( has an audio creation/editing tool called Myna that is free and looks like a solid alternative with most of the same functionality as Garageband. There is a demo video on the site as well.

At the bottom of their FAQs (, they mention a beta-test of “a special program for students and educators that lets them use Aviary in a completely private setting apart from the rest of the community.” There is a link to contact them with your intended usage to seeing if you qualify.

This is a new website I am checking out for a variety of their media tools. If you have any experiences or successes, please share. 🙂

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Audio & Podcasting

Digital Storytelling

3D Media

Web 2.0 Apps


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