K-5 Tech Centers

Elementary Technology Centers are a great way to have true technology integration (teaching through technology) in the classroom.  They allow students to engage in discovery and creative learning for an effective 21st Century Classroom. And when students create work that is worth seeing and worth hearing, they also come to believe that their work is worth doing.

Here are several resources that you may use as templates to get started:

Voice Recording Centers:
Get Started: Voice Recording Center Podcast
Voice Recording Center Directions: K-2
Voice Recording Center Directions: 3-5
List of Student Voice Recording Applications by Device
Try Web 2.0 App: Vocaroo or free download: Audacity

Blogging Center:
Get Started: Kid Blog General Center Directions
Blogging Center Directions: K-2
Blogging Center Directions: 3-5
List of Student Blogging Applications by Device
Sample Class Blog: MEA Alpha Blog
Sample Blog Post/Comment Rubric: Student-Created Rubric

Graphic Design Center:
Get Started: Graphic Design Center Intro
Graphic Design Center Directions: K-2
Graphic Design Center Directions: 3-5
List of Student Graphic Design Applications by Device

Digital Storytelling Center:
Get Started: Digital Storytelling Intro Book
Digital Storytelling Center Directions: K-2
Digital Storytelling Center Directions: 3-5
List of Student Digital Storytelling Applications by Device

Movie Making Center:
Get Started: Movie Making Center Overview
Movies Center Directions: K-2
Movies Center Directions: 3-5
List of Student Movie-Making Applications by Device
List of Student Movie-Making Project Ideas
Explore Student Samples Here

Presentation Making Center:
Get Started: Presentation Center Overview
Presentation Center Directions: K-2
Presentation Center Directions: 3-5
List of Student Presentation Applications by Device

Additional Resources:
Sample Save Directions K-2
Link to Additional Digital Media Ideas

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