ISTE 2017 Resources

Resources for ISTE 2017 Sessions held by
Nancye Blair Black and Laney Blair

How to Turn Technology Initiatives Into Educational Movements (Workshop: WH213)
Presented by Nancye Blair Black (@NancyeBlairEdu)

Start turning your tech initiatives into an educational movement with innovative, proven strategies for aligning your vision and planning, cultivating buy-in from stakeholders and showcasing the incredible results. We’ll share why initiatives drift aimlessly when technology is deployed with too little direction or planning, and help you avoid making those mistakes with your ideas.

Workshop Handout

Promote Student Voice Through Elementary Technology Centers
Presented by Nancye Blair Black (@NancyeBlairEdu)

Centers are an ideal way to provide differentiation and independence in the elementary classroom. Certain types of centers, like podcasting or graphic design, also promote student voice through media creation. Learn to empower and showcase students’ voices through hands-on experience with six types of dynamic centers. Lesson templates included!

Elementary Centers Workshop Handout
Elementary Centers Workshop Resources

Teach ALL the Memes!
Presented by: Nancye Blair Black (@NancyeBlairEdu) and Laney Blair (@LaneyBlair_)

Memes are a pervasive, dynamic part of digital communication. Join this award-winning educator and student duo to learn what memes are, why they are powerful tools for both teaching and learning, and how to make three forms of image- and GIF-based memes. Includes resources and adaptable lesson ideas! #TeachAllTheMemes

Teach ALL The Memes! Handout

Tips, Tricks, and Tools for Student Movie-Making
Presented by: Laney Blair (@LaneyBlair_) and Madison Morris

Do you have questions about how to make high quality student films? Come by this poster to learn from high school film students who can share the pros and cons of devices, software, planning strategies, filming, and editing. Plus, get advice on digital citizenship topics like copyright and permissions, too!

Link to Laney’s Resources

Screenwriting Basics for Film and Other Media
Presented by: Laney Blair (@LaneyBlair_)

Join an award-winning writer and film student to learn the basics of screenwriting for films, TV production and other media. We’ll provide a tutorial with Celtx, a free web, iOS and Android script-writing app, along with captivating student samples and video clips that demonstrate how scripts translate to the big screen.

Link to Laney’s Resources