Sample for Algebra 1

The technology resources linked below provide an example of how diverse applications can be integrated into the classroom to increase differentiation and  By posting a similar listing on your teacher website or blog, students can move through the work at their own pace, focusing on their need areas, and finish with a great real world application of math and technology in an interactive activity.  Great for formative assessment!

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Linear Equations
Video: Solving one-step linear equations
Written Explanation: Solving one-step equations
Practice: Solving one-step equations (add/sub), Solving one-step equations (mult/div) – Khan Academy; Algebra, Section J1-J3: Solving Equations – IXL

Video: Solving multi-step equations 
Written Explanation: Solving multi-step equations
Practice: Solving two-step equations – Khan Academy; Algebra, Section J4-J6: Solving Equations – IXL
Advanced Practice: Algebra, Section J7-J9: Solving Equations – IXL

Domain and Range
Video: Domain and Range of a Relation
Written Explanation: Domain and Range
Practice: Domain and Range – IXL; Domain and Range – Khan Academy
Advanced Practice: D&R with Absolute Value Functions; D&R with Radical Functions

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Exploring the Fiscal Cliff Activity
Google Form Answer Sheet
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