Where to Catch Nancye Blair Black at #ISTE18!

24 Jun

It’s a beautiful morning here in Chicago. The sun has been shining since 5:15 AM!

I, for one, am so excited for this year’s ISTE Conference! Learning, networking, fun… Plus, I had the chance to work on three incredible projects that ISTE is launching this year, so being here to share in this moment of powerful growth in the edtech field is incredibly meaningful as well. (More info on those to follow!)

This year at the conference, I’m most looking forward to two things — continuing to support my fellow edtech-ers through my presentations AND connecting with those who are passionate about transforming education.

A list of my sessions is below. If you can make it, I would love to see you there. Be sure to say hi!

And if you can’t make it to the sessions, don’t hesitate to say hello in the hall, at a reception, or to reach out via Twitter (@NancyeBlackEdu) to connect for coffee or a drink! These connections are what ISTE is all about!


My Sessions at #ISTE18

From Student to Author: Innovative Writing Instruction for the Digital Age (Workshop Code: WORKSP125)

Sunday, June 24, 12:30–3:30 pm
Location: Hyatt Regency Grant C

Discover free and innovative ways that web and mobile technologies can develop voice, focus, dialogue, figurative language and more in your budding elementary writers. With the ideas, student samples, rubrics and practical resources you need, transformational writing instruction is just a session away! (More info…)


Promote Student Voice Through Elementary Technology Centers (Poster)

Tuesday, June 26, 10:30 am–12:30 pm
Location: Posters; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom Pre-function, Table 20

Centers are an ideal way to provide differentiation and independence in the elementary classroom. Certain types of centers, like podcasting or graphic design, also promote student voice through media creation. Learn to empower and showcase students’ voices through six types of dynamic centers. Lesson templates included! (More info…)


Flip Your PD: Top Tips and Tools For Creating PD Videos (BYOD – Sold out!)

Wednesday, June 27, 1:00–2:00 pm
Location: W194b

A Flipped PD approach to professional development provides personalized, just-in-time teacher education that works! Make the most of your PD efforts by learning how to create and integrate powerful flipped PD videos from a nationally recognized trainer who will share her favorite strategies and tools. (More info…)


Taking Mobile Learning to the Next Level (15 min Showcase – 2 days!)

Tuesday, June 26, 5:25–5:40 pm
Wednesday, June 27, 11:45 am – 12:00 pm

Location: ISTE Central Stage

The ISTE Standards cast a vision for learning. A vision that is student-driven, empowers student voice, and promotes connections across classrooms and cultures. Mobile learning – using portable technology to increase flexibility in the classroom and authentic learning beyond the classroom -uniquely holds the capacity to realize the entirety of this vision in the classroom. Learn more about strategies and opportunities to advance your school or district’s mobile learning initiative!

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