Cool Web 2.0 Tools for Digital Storytelling

13 Oct

Writing is a lot more fun when you can create illustrations, storybooks, or movies to go with it!

Here are several “MUST TRY” Web 2.0 tools
that help you do just that!
(Plus, our fifth graders have ranked and evaluated them for you!)
What it is: Digital Storybook Tool
Student Rank: 8.2/10.0
Pros: You can print your book! Has lots of characters and facial expressions. Can upload your own images.
Cons: None.
What it is: Digital Storybook Tool
Student Rank: 8.0/10.0
Pros: This has cool and creepy pictures, backgrounds and moving animations. You can record your voice or sounds effects. Plus, there are great stories to read on here, too!
Cons: Can’t print it out
What it is: Animated Movie Tool
Student Rank: 7.9/10.0
Pros: The students found this easy to use, saying, “It lets you be creative and make your own movie with cool background sounds and avatars.”
Cons: Can’t print it.
What it is: Digital Pop-up Storybook Tool
Student Rank: 7.5/10.0
Pros: Uses cool Pop-Up illustrations to create a book. You can add your own ideas and upload your own images.
Cons: You can’t print without the premium version. While some of the 5th graders loved it, some thought the pictures and concept would be better for younger kids. (PS: Our 3rd graders would use it all day!)
What it is: Non-linear Presentation App
Student Rank: 7.6/10.0
Pros: You can share what you know in any format; objects can be rotated, flipped, or re-sized; you can add images, sounds, or videos
Cons: Many students felt Prezi was hard to get the hang of; there are no images or video in the program (you have to upload them yourself).
What it is: Digital Storybook Tool
Student Rank: 8.9/10.0
Pros: Storybird lets you make your own book and story. They said it was inspiring to write based on a picture prompt and use professional illustrations/artwork. They liked adding funny text to the pictures. Plus, you can write the story with someone else!
Cons: the pictures are limited and you can’t edit them, you can’t print it without paying
(More tips for Storybird in the Student Created Media Resources)

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